Synchronous argumentative oral presentation | English homework help


Synchronous Argumentative Oral Presentation (15%) (3-5 minutes) in which you enter into one or more of the debates or questions raised in course readings while engaging with the argument of one focus article from course readings, as well as one related, easily accessible audio-visual online source (one minute or less), such as a YouTube video, a music video, a segment of a TED talk or a political speech, or online governmental, educational, or promotional material. In order to effectively engage with the focus article’s argument, early on you should announce your own thesis and how it relates to or is a response to or builds upon the argument of the focus article. Constructing and communicating an effective argumentative oral presentation entails generating evidence for your own argument, whether that evidence comes from the focus article or audio-visual material or some other source. In any case, the presentation must integrate (via quotation, summary, or paraphrase) material from the focus article to help develop your own argument. Remember, a complex argument considers or anticipates— and often refutes—opposing arguments and, ideally, supporting evidence or reasoning.

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