Stress coping mechanisms in the health profession workplace

Using Microsoft PowerPoint, do the following:

• Begin by creating an outline of your paper identifying 5-6 sections (main topics).

• Based on the outline, summarize each section using key words and bullet points.

• Create one PowerPoint slide for each of the sections.

• Add the title and References slides.

Guidelines to follow:

-clearly identify a specific thesis, organizational problem, or research question that your literature review helps to define? Did you define the topic in the introduction section of your paper?

-use an effective information seeking strategy? Was your search wide enough to ensure you’ve found relevant material? Has your literature search been narrow enough to exclude irrelevant material? 

-critically analyze the literature? Did you develop a consistent set of concepts and questions, comparing studies to each other in the ways they deal with the issue? Instead of just listing and summarizing studies, did you assess them, discussing strengths and weaknesses? 

-appropriately cite and discuss studies contrary to your own perspective? 

Topic: Stress coping mechanisms in the health profession workplace

Links to 4 articles to use: 

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