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sheep ranchers and settlers

Research a specific topic such as the deliberate extermination of wild animals such as wolves lk and other herbivores, anything that impeded human activities, that took place in the West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries at and sheep ranchers and settlers and the impact this had on the environment and ecosystem of the West , coyotes, raptors (eagles, hawks), pra You could also research the management of national parks in terms of ecology and wildlife (see article below and reviews in the book revie use book reviews instead of a full article you must use at least 3 because they are much shorter than articles Here are articles you could use for some of these topics (sign in with your id and password to access): Prairie Dog ecology and becoming a pest Reconsidering Birds of Prey-Interwar years Science in National Parks-predator control Other topics to research are the environmental impacts of mining (e.g, gold), ranching (and fences), rairoads, and the migration of housands of animals across the West and its offects on the landscape. sheep ranchers and settlers Consider the broad ramifications and unintended consequences of these Do the following with your research: 1. Summarize your article in detail and then address the following questions 2. Write about the attitudes toward nature and humans and western settlement that lay behind these policies, behaviors, exploitation and killing 3. Are we different today? (Note that controversial wolf killing has begun again in the northwestern states at the behest of ranchers and the heate controversy over bringing back free bison herds to Montana, ongoing debates over coal mining, oil drilling (the Aretie National de refuge has just been opened to drilling) and fracking, etc) what they tell us about the West and the country itself in those years. To use the library databases to find articles need help use the Ask the Librar Guides, General Databases and then on Proquest Central. Here you can search for journals or articles. If you link on the homepage library databases such as ProQuest for your journal research, click on Welcome to Library on the course homepage, Cliek through ProQuest available l History and the sheep ranchers and settlers