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Has to be done in Excel

Valuate the stock using dividend discount model and multi period dividend discount model. (NRG Energy) NRG 

The following questions need to be answered; 

1.  Run the regression of the stock (you are assigned) return on market return in Excel (Hint: click on Tools in the menu bar, choose Data Analysis and then double lick regression.  If it does not show Data Analysis in the drop-down list, click Add-ins on the drop-down list.  When the Add-Ins dialog box pops up, click the box in front of Analysis ToolPak, and then click the OK button.  The Data Analysis add-in will be installed.  Report your results: interpret the coefficients, t-statistics and R2. Discuss the estimated beta.

2.  Estimate the expected return of the stock you are assigned using CAPM (Please provide details on your estimation. You need to estimate average annualized risk free rate and market risk premium. A reasonable risk-free rate should be between 1%-3% and reasonable market risk premium should be between 5%-9%). Discuss your rationale on the estimated risk-free rate, market risk premium, and expected return.

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