School tax | Education homework help

  This the article: link to open resource. 

Step One

Read A Case Study of the County School Facility Tax Initiative in Mary County, Illinois – this article relates many common reasons why school tax elections fail and offers sound advice for being successful at having tax initiatives renewed or expanded to support education efforts.

Step Two

Respond to the following:

  1. Why did education leaders in the state of Illinois find it crucial to have a tax like the one for school facilities (p. 32)?  Does this issue ring any bells for you?  Explain.
  2. Identify what the authors of the study list as the Five Themes that provide reasons why this tax election failed (p. 39).
  3. Provide a summary of each of the Five Themes identified above (pp. 37-45).
  4. The authors of the study also describe the implications of their work.  Discuss three to five ideas you will walk away with in order to be an educational leader who will one day – if you have not done so already – work diligently to support educational funding through the process of a tax election (pp. 47-48).

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