Review the handout entitled “chapter 4: trustworthiness of the data.”


Assignment Instructions:

  1. Review the handout entitled “Chapter 4: Trustworthiness of the Data.”
  2. Create a one-page checklist to be used to evaluate the data to be collected from your selected method.
  3. Divide the checklist into the four criteria used to evaluate data trustworthiness from the handout.
  4. Under each of the four criteria, itemize at least three checks for data quality you will use to assess the final data set after data collection has closed.

Length: 1 page

References: Cite a minimum of 2 scholarly resources used to design the checklist

oh yes. My research topic is the social and educational effect of athletics on adolescents. So the checklist has to cater towards that research question. I’ve attached the pdfs of the resources that were given to me to start this assignment.

Oh yea and my selected qualitative method is grounded theory


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