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Professional Interview and Research


This assignment requires you incorporate research paper and a professional interview.  

  1. Determine an area of counseling you are interested in learning more about. This can be about a specific diagnosis and treatment, working with a specific population, therapist self-care, ect.  
  2. You will write a research paper on this topic using at least 7 peer reviewed journals and articles.
  3. Your paper should include the following:
  4. What is of particular interest to you about this topic?
  1. What, if any experience do you have with this topic?
  1. How do you see yourself using this new information to help yourself in counseling psychology?
  1. Your interview should enhance and/or inform your research. Some students in the past have done the interview first and gleaned ideas for research and other have done research and gone to the interview with questions for the person they are interviewing. 

Paper requirements:

  1. The professional you interview must work in the field. The professional you interviews must be a counseling psychologist, a clinical social worker, an adjustment counselor, a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse/practitioner.  
  2. You must use at least 7 peer reviewed journals and articles. 
  3. It should be 10-12 pages in length, double spaced, 12-font, APA format. This includes your interview.
  4. Due 3/30/21

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