Research discussion 5: cultural issue of your choice.


Research Discussion 5: Cultural Issue of Your Choice.

For your final discussion, you will prepare a short (at least 300 word) summary and explanation of a cultural issue of your choice. This can be something we covered in class that you would like to explore further, or a topic we didn’t cover that you find interesting and would like to share with the class. This can be very specific to one culture or a wider issue that affects many peoples.

You must research your topic and provide citations for at least two formal references in APA format at the end of your explanation. 

The explanation should address these questions:

-What is the culture issue, and how/when/where did it arise?

-Who is affected by this issue (real people, real events)

-What are the possible solutions, and is any progress being made?

Examples from past classes:

cultural appropriation of black fashion and hairstyles, human rights issues at the Mexican border, sex trafficking, ethnic cleansing in Turkey,  LGBTQIA+ discrimination, issues with missionary work in developing countries, prescription drug addiction, plantation tourism industry romanticizing slavery, etc. (see the document MCC Cultural Problems under Files for more ideas.)

Write your explanation (at least 300 words) i

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