Requirements management & engineering | Computer Science homework help

everal phases of the requirements project have now been completed; however,

 it will be critical to inform the customer of your requirements management practices and plan.

 Additionally, the customer must verify that your team did follow the requirements management standards 

implemented by Software Engineering Institute Carnegie Mellon.

In a PowerPoint presentation, provide the following to illustrate the actions taken to implement 

requirements management:

Title slide

Topics of Discussion slide

Summary of IEEE Standards used during the requirements

 management process (i.e., IEEE Std 1233 – 1998; IEEE Std 830-1998, SEI CMMI)

Introduction and Purpose of Requirements Management (REQM) within CMMI

Goals and Practices used during REQM for your project

Identification of at least 1 Requirements Management tool or software, 

which would be used in support of your project at a major corporation

 (i.e., DOORs, Requisite Pro, CASE Spec, Open Source RM, CORE)

Use of requirements management to produce metrics

Summary slide

Reference slide in APA format

Each major topic presented from the Summary of the IEEE Standards to the Goals and Practices

 used during REQM should have 2–3 sentences of explanation or expansion placed in the speaker notes of 

each slide. References must be placed either on the slide or in the speaker notes in APA format.

 The overall length of the presentation should be 8–11 slides in Power point

Attachment is history of assignment as of this week

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