Recommendations for Practice and Research

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Recommendations for Practice and Research


Assignment II- PPT Presentation-Summary of the Evidence and Recommendations for Practice and Research

In this assignment, you are to develop 15 slides or less and present your paper as a PPT. Here is a suggestion for building your presentation: Introduction to the clinical problem. purpose or clinical question addressed, methods, results, and recommendations for future research and current practice.

I have attached the guidelines for this PPT assignment.

I have attached an older presentation I delivered at the University of Rochester on behalf of a EBP team. In my current critique of this PPT, I would have added citation to the slides and some images. I think the methods of literature search needs clarification.

Look at this–> (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Q: Should I use APA format?

A: For this course yes. If you were presenting at a conference, you would prepare the presentation according to guidelines of that conference. One of the tricks–>reduce the font size of the in-text citation.

Q: What font should I use? Recommendations for Practice and ResearchRecommendations for Practice and Research

A: I like Arial or Calibi. I often change the slide master to accommodate this change.

Q: How many lines per slide?

A: About 8 is fine for readability reasons. The fewer words the better. If this were a true oral presentation, your speaking should enhance the PPT slide and not repeat the slide content.

Q: What about images?

A: I use few images for research presentations for several reasons: (a) Copyright laws (so must purchase right to image or seek formal permssion), (b) Cross-cultural Considerations, and (c) Space limitations (often this kind of presentation requires the PPT to be a “Take-Away” handout so pressed to add more words). Images must be purposeful. Be selective.  I always try to think back about presentations I have enjoyed. Often an image that represents a personal/professional moment is at the end of a PPT to highlight acknowledgements.

Q: Do I need a references slide?

A: Yes. You can use smaller font for a references list too. Recommendations for Practice and Research