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professional appearance
I think that employees that have a uniform look do give the company a more professional appearance. To me tattoos, piercings, and wild Hai colors do not seem very professional, however as these styles have become wildly popular over the last several years, therefore I think society has become more accepting of them. I agree that in a hospital setting each specific job title having a specific color they wear helps the patients know who they are dealing with. If I were to put myself in the patient’s place I feel that the most important aspect of my nurse’s appearance is his or her hygiene. A clean and tidy appearance let me know your take care of yourself and will hopefully show me the same care. professional appearance If you look clean and your scrubs are well kept, fit you nicely, and are clean as well then I have no problem with your hair being blue. If a new girl came to work wearing a thong and a lip ring I would not try to judge her but in the back of my mind I would have the thought that her appearance is a reflection on us all as a company and would hope she would dress in a more appropriate manner. I always want to portray a professional image not just for myself but for the company that employs me.professional appearance
Do you agree or disagree with the article above? Why or why not?