Module 2: production and costs discussion: interactive tools for


Module 2: Production and Costs Discussion: Interactive Tools for Production and Costs

For this discussion, we will be looking at interactive tutorials or quizzes that might help you and your classmates with any concepts or calculations that you are having difficulty with.

If you are having difficulty with the numerical calculations covered in this module, try this interactive tutorial: 

Baker, Samuel L. (2013), Economics Interactive Tutorial.

Economics tutorials by Samuel L. Baker are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Search the web and try to find at least one other tutorial on production costs (marginal costs, variable costs, total costs, etc.) that you find useful for this module. This could be a tutorial, a video lesson, an online practice quiz, etc. Share the link with your classmates and explain what you found useful about it. As a follow-up to your first post, try using one of the tutorials that your classmates found and share your thoughts.

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