measure an organizations safety

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measure an organizations safety

Directions: When an organization is surveyed for accreditation, the findings are based on documentation analysis, observations and interviews. Safety is the number one concern in healthcare and to measure an organizations safety culture, surveyors monitor staff’s knowledge and practice of Infection prevention. All healthcare workers need to be educated, updated and held accountable for good hand hygiene as well a prudent use of antibiotics. Although you (as students) are not responsible to know what antibiotics should be used when, it is important for you to know about the consequences of over use.

Imagine that you are the manager of the hospital administrative assistants and you are tasked with creating a one page poster educating your employees on proper hand hygiene and antibiotic use. Your poster must be:

1. Attractive (use clip art/pictures)
2. Colorful font measure an organizations safety
3. Easy to read (in a very brief time)
4. Contain at least five (5) learning concepts of each topic
5. Provide references at the very bottom of your poster, use very small print “For additional information.”

Job Description, Analysis, and Design and Mutual Respect and Trust
The knowledge of jobs is used for many purposes, certainly in the field of HRM for healthcare organizations. measure an organizations safety  In particular, knowledge of what a job requires an employee to do—the basis for pay—is essential to make comparisons with other jobs for market pricing and as the first step in evaluating jobs internally. Today and every day, as leaders or managers, we want to emphasize the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated. We are working with a diverse team of people from many cultures, traditions, backgrounds, and belief. This is what makes us a strong, effective, and successful healthcare organization.
In a minimum of 200 words, consider the differences among a job description, a job analysis, and a job design. What is the importance of each in healthcare HRM?
How would you foster a climate of mutual respect and trust among your team members? measure an organizations safety
Suppose you are developing the job description, analysis, and design for a clinical team leader position. Does diversity relate to the position at all? Explain your answer. If yes, how will you address it?
Provide reasons and evidence in support of your responses.
As in all assignments, cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format.
Your assignment should be addressed in a 16- to 20-PowerPoint presentation. measure an organizations safety