Maritime transportation act of 2002 (mtsa) or security and

Pick ONE of the two Acts below:

Maritime Transportation Act of 2002 (MTSA)


Security and Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006 (SAFE Port ACT)


*  Briefly discuss the major points of the act.

*  Briefly discuss the significance to the maritime sector and maritime security. 

*  Both of these acts have had amendments and/or additions since they were passed. Do the research and briefly discuss any changes or additions. (THEY ARE NOT IN THE TEXT).


*  Have the agencies discussed successfully met the deadlines of the acts?

*  Conclusion:  Have these acts made us safer or do they need to go farther?

Write a five (5) page minimum, DOUBLE SPACED, 12-FONT TIMES ROMAN paper with references and sources cited. The paper must discuss each step of the sections in detail. This project will be a minimum of five (5) pages for the entire paper, not five (5) pages for each step. Your cover sheet, abstract and your source citing/references are NOT included in the five page minimum. Your grade will depend upon the presentation of your analysis and research, the quality of the work presented – whether you give a detailed presentation or a vague overview, whether you addressed all parts of the question asked, and how you support your argument/discussion – as well as the citing of a variety of sources/use of references and whether you met the mandatory minimum page requirement. Please make sure to use AT LEAST 5 sources for your research. The paper should be written using APA Format. Please make sure you review your paper for spelling, grammar, and format and plagiarism errors before submitting it. Remember that the paper should be typed in Microsoft Word. Your paper will not receive a grade until it is submitted properly. If you need assistance, please let me know.

Please note that APA Format requires an abstract a Cover/Title page along with a Reference page. These do not count toward your 5-page minimum.



Grading Rubric Week 3 Writing Project


Content (60% of Essay Grade) Mentor Review



Thesis and Ideas: Explores appropriate topic based on disciplines and college level thinking



Comprehension: Synthesizes information and communicates it through student’s own thoughts and words.



Evidences critical and analytical skills



Composition & Format (40% of Essay Grade) Instructor Review



Format: Correct APA Style format including citations, references, and manuscript preparation.



Research: Appropriate use of scholarly sources



Organization: Writing demonstrates well-developed body that evidences each element from the thesis in succinct paragraphs and each paragraph supports the thesis.



Demonstrates good use of grammar and mechanics. Points awarded as follows: 0-5 errors (4 points) 6-10 errors (5 points) 11+ errors (0 points)






Total Score



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