low-grade fever and chills

low-grade fever and chills get help at

low-grade fever and chills


Sarah is a first-year pharmacy student who is juggling a lot of personal turmoil. Between the pressures of school, monetary concerns, the recent loss of her Amazon grey parrot, and her own health issues, she turns to her roommate, Dana, for support. “Dana, I just don’t know how much more I can handle right now! Losing Polly has me so upset! My vet wanted to do an autopsy since Polly died of unknown causes but I can’t afford it. She was always so healthy until we moved to this house. Maybe the stress of moving and me spending less time with her because I’m studying all of the time affected her.” “Don’t be so hard on yourself, Sarah. It was probably just her time to go and it has nothing to do with the move. Besides, think about the great deal we got on this place because it was damaged in the flood a few years ago! It’s so quiet out here in the country and the rent is so cheap.low-grade fever and chills Our student loans are going to be so high when we finish pharmacy school that finding this house was a blessing. Speaking of school, how did you do on the Principles of Drug Action test this morning?” “Terrible! Since Polly died, I just can’t concentrate. My coughing had me up a lot last night too thanks to my asthma. But I also have some chest pain. I often feel breathless and I’ve lost my appetite too. I’ve been more tired than usual lately too. In fact, I really need to study but I think I’ll take a quick nap.” Later that week, Sarah’s condition worsens. She has started to wheeze, has a low-grade fever and chills, feels nauseous, and notices some blood tinged mucus when she coughs. She feels fatigued and wonders if she might be experiencing depression. She decides to go to her primary care physician for help.low-grade fever and chills


1. Besides asthma, what do you think Sarah might have? List at least two disorders, the etiological agent if it is an infectious disease, and your rationale for choosing each one.

2. What diagnostic tests should be performed to determine the likely cause of her illness? low-grade fever and chills