live/live-streaming theatre event or essay from viewing a play

 Plays available for online viewing 

 Attend an area live theatre event and provide proof of attendance by posting a picture of their ticket or program signed by someone from the front-of-house (an usher, box office staff, or a director or actor perhaps); or, view a live-streaming theatre event and post a screenshot of the curtain call or conclusion of the performance on the Discussion Board for Exercise 11. Another option, if unable to attend a live/live-streaming theatre performance, watch a play online and post a  minimum 250-word essay describing your personal reaction to the play in terms of the dominant element in the production. There are three lists of elements from different analytic approaches. Select Aristotle, Baker, or Bogart and determine the dominance for only one element under that system for your discussion. Compare and contrast your choice with the other elements in the same system. All productions will have one element that is dominant. Discuss and defend your choice of an element in a 250-word essay and post it in the Discussion Board for Exercise 11 for comment. 


The three analytic perspectives

Aristotle’s Elements of Dramatic FormPlot      Character


DictionMusic Spectacle    

 Paul Baker’s Elements of Theatrical Form  Space   Texture    Sound/SilenceRhythm Line Silhouette 

Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints ShapeSpaceTime




Discussion Board Question: All plays are in some way a staged “trial,” going back to the ancient Greeks. Why is this true? 

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