Lesson plan | EDSP 360 – Learning and Behavior Problems (D) | Liberty University

Lesson planning is a routine activity for teachers in classrooms, focusing on the topic to be taught.  At the same time, the focus also needs to be on the students being taught. For this assignment you will determine a mock classroom, including students with a variety of disabilities. You will use the provided lesson plan template to complete your plans.  The assignment will include a tiered content lesson plan showing differentiation of your teaching for three groupings of students in your classroom.  The three groupings in your class will include struggling students/students with disabilities, average students, and high achievers/gifted.  Using Bloom’s Taxonomy as your guide (see the Taxonomy is the Reading and Study folder in Week 8), you can use the first two levels for your struggling learners, the second two levels for your average students, and the highest two levels for your high achievers/gifted. Refer to the IRIS module on DI (http://IRIS.peabody.vanderbilt.edu/di)  from the Module/Week 7 Reading & Study, reviewing Tiered Content under Content, Process, and Product.  View the rubric and use the template to design your lesson plan.  This needs to be a new lesson plan not used from a previous assignment or course.

Be sure to review the criteria on the Differentiated Lesson Plan Grading Rubric before beginning this assignment

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