intravenous dose of axzithromycin get help at

intravenous dose of axzithromycin

6. An intravenous dose of axzithromycin is usually prepared by injecting a measured small amount of sterile water into a sealed vial containing a specific known amount of solid formulation containing the medication and shaking the vial until all of it is dissolved. The dosage to be administered to a patient is then removed (with a syringe) and added to a specific volume of diluent solution, which is then administered as an IV drip. intravenous dose of axzithromycinA diluent solution that is commonly used is 1/2 normal saline (0.45% sodium, chloride solution). If an azíthromy in formulation contains 500 mg of azithromycin and sterile water is added to make 5 mL of the formulation, how much must be removed with the syringe to add to the diluent solution for a dosage of 80 mg Gpoints) 7. (10 points) According to the nursing notes, at least 36 minutes passed before the hospital staf realized something was wrong. Azithromycin is usually administered intravenously over a concentration range of 1.0-2.0 mg/mL over a period of one hour.intravenous dose of axzithromycin Consider a hypothetical situation whereby a dose of 500 mg of azithromycin is administered at 2.0 mg/ml of azithronycin in ½ normal saline. (a) How many mg of medication would have been administered every 15 minutes? (b) Plot a graph of dose administered vs. time. (c) Using the graph only, determine how much medication would be administered in 36 minutes (d) What % of medication (relative to the total dose of 500 mg) would be administered by 36 minutes? e)intravenous dose of axzithromycin  How much saline solution would have been administered for a dosage of 500 mg in 36 minutes? intravenous dose of axzithromycin