Interpersonal communciation class due in 12 hours

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Michael Agar(I have uploaded two file names”Agar Culture’ and “Agar Culture Blends” if you have questions about this concept) introduces to us the concept of rich points (those patterned surprises and unexpected interactions that point to incidences of cross-cultural differences). Thus far in the semester, we’ve read a number of articles that present instances of rich points and the implications that misunderstandings of rich points have for interpersonal communication. Using one of the articles that we’ve read so far during the semester address the following:( I have uploaded three but not include flie named “Agar” and you can select one)

How does your selected example constitute a rich point, as defined and elaborated upon by Michael Agar?

What is/was at stake for the participants involved in this rich point? What is/was at stake for the individuals/communities in your example? In your answer to this question, please address all components of our understanding of the concept of social business – the creation and maintenance of identity/ identities, the hierarchies of value that are challenged or reinforced, and the structures of power, whether personal or institutional, that are maintained or resisted against?

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