INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY: A 34-year-old female presents with severe abdominal pain. After examination was completed and ultrasound results were reviewed, it was determined that patient had an ectopic pregnancy and surgical intervention was needed. PROCEDURE: Patient was taken to the operating room, and after general anesthesia was induced, she was prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion.  INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY Examination was performed after anesthesia, which showed a normal-sized, nontender uterus, a left adnexal mass, and a fullness in the vagina, all consistent with hyperperitoneum. A 10-mm trocar was inserted directly into the abdomen through a small incision in the umbilicus. Using 3.5 liters of carbon dioxide, a pneumoperitoneum was created. The hemoperitoneum was noticed, and another 10-mm trocar was placed in a small suprapubic incision. INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY Two 5-mm ports were also placed under direct visualization in both the right and left lower quadrants. With an irrigator and aspirator, the hemoperitoneum was reduced. The left fallopian tube was noted to be almost to the point of rupture due to a mass in the tube. The fallopian tube was distended beyond repair; so this needed to be removed. INDICATIONS FOR SURGERY The tube was tied off and removed with its contents through an Endo Catch bag through the 10-mm port. Inspection of the abdomen noted no other problems; adequate hemostasis was noted, and ports were removed. Defects were closed with 0 Vicryl, and the skin was closed with 4-0 Dexon. She was sent to the recovery room in stable condition.

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