Hcs/465 homework help | HCS465 Health Care Research Utilization | University of Phoenix

Answer the 4 following questions based on the 3 Articles provided no word count !!


  1. Define the problem.

a. What is the problem identified in your chosen article? 

b. Why is it a problem?

c. What is the problem that the article or study is trying to resolve? 

d. Why is the problem important for health care administrators to study? 

The research article may not identify a specific reason the research is important to health care administrators. That is okay. Write about why a health care administrator would want to study this topic. How could knowledge of this topic help you as a health care administrator?

Example: As an assistant manager of a nursing home, I know that many of the residents have watched the news reports on the Ebola outbreak in Africa and its potential outbreak in the United States. Because I know little about the disease and knowing the concern that the reporting of this disease has brought on the residents of the nursing home, I felt that it was my responsibility to know more about the disease and how to prevent its spread. Providing the residents with this knowledge can go a long way toward calming their fears and enabling them and their caregivers to take measures to prevent any outbreak.

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