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field of Health Informatics

1. The field of Health Informatics is involved in studies where technology is being used to handle “Big Data,” bringing about unlimited potential for information growth. Data mining (sometimes called “data or knowledge discovery” is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. What type of research is data mining and what are the applications of data mining in Health Informatics?

Select one:

A. Primary study

B. Secondary study

C. Tertiary study

2. If you were to study the level of anxiety that this final exam causes for all of you, which of the following would you be the most concerned about in the measures you develop?

Select one:

A. power

B. p value

C. correlation coefficients

D. confidence interval field of Health Informatics

3. If you believe that cancer is best treated with a holistic approach with no chemicals or radiation, what type of research would you be drawn to in order to substantiate what you believe?

Select one:

A. ecological studies

B. experimental studies

C. case-control studies field of Health Informatics

D. survey studies

4. A large research study is looking at which factor is most associated with obesity: income, exercise, or food consumption. Which of the following research designs would LEAST allow the researchers to determine this most effectively?

Select one:

A. tertiary studies

B. factor analytic studies

C. ecological studies

D. case-control studies

5. Assume that you are part of a wellness group who want to make an hour of physical activity mandated for staff in a hospital each time they go on duty. You want to develop a study that offers evidence that they benefit from such activity. Which do you want to avoid asserting from any evidence you develop?

Select one:

A. that the results are probably related to the staff’s physical activity and family supports outside of the school as well as in-school activity

B. that the results can be generalized to all hospital staff field of Health Informatics

C. that the results should be looked at over time rather than as a single measure

D. that the results might be different if you changed the time of the physical activity field of Health Informatics