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Midterm Prompt

What one common thing did Cisneros and Tan understand (or realize or learn) from being the children of immigrants?

Your FOUR-paragraph essay must follow this structure (your work will be an actual essay–NO bullet points):

  • Introduction paragraph:
    • Use “The Chinatown Idea” as a part of the introduction/hook
    • State the thesis statement (underline this)
  • Body paragraph 1:
    • State the topic sentence regarding “Only Daughter” (underline this)
    • Support and develop
  • Body paragraph 2:
    • State the topic sentence regarding “Mother Tongue” (underline this)
    • Support and develop
  • Conclusion paragraph:
    • State the concluding statement (underline this)
    • Add closing remarks


  • Partial and/or full quotes from all three stories (even “The Chinatown Idea”)
  • Third-person perspectives only.  No first person (I, we, me, our, etc.) and second person (you, your, etc.)–except within quotes, of course.
  • Effective and clear transitions
  • Substantial amount of work–about 22-30 sentences total.
  • Four paragraphs only–not more, not fewer.

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