Econ 103 project guidelines for students



Students for ECON 103 course will conduct a project. This project will be done individually by each student. The project marks are 10 points. These marks will be distributed in categories. The below rubrics will be used to grade the project. Each student is required to read this rubric and do the project where the marks are valid.





Total   points


Intellectual skills

· Inquiry and Analysis


10 points


· Critical thinking



· Creative thinking



· Written communication



· Data and its analysis



Applied Learning



Punctuality in   submitting the project



Content and Knowledge



Use of Research   Methodology



Organization and   format of the project



Spelling and   Grammar usage


Project topics:

· Students can choose one topic from below to conduct the project. 

· Once the topics is chosen it is the responsibility of the student to start the project, time the project and complete & submit the project on time to the teacher 

· The deadline to submit the project is  28 November 2013. late projects submissions will not be graded by the teacher and the project will earn a zero.

· Plagiarism within the project will be monitored and is unacceptable and if 2 projects are similar in copy and paste than both projects will earn a zero


1. Market and its impact on the business

2. Firms strategies to stay competitive in the market

3. Comparison of economic growth between any 2 countries.

4. Employment and its impact on the economic growth of the country

5. Comparison of Industries and wealth of the economy

Project Organization:

The project is in 2 formats and each student is required to have this format.

  1. Project Report
  2. Project Report
    • The report should be 15 pages in total (       including cover page and References page)
    • Cover page: Student name, ID, Course name, Course       Code, Section ( if the section is not placed teacher will deduct .2       marks), Project Title, Instructor name and the be creative with the cover       page.
    • Table of Content page: Place all the Title with       page numbers on this page
    • Body of the paper: 13 pages. 
    • References: page 15
    • Each page is to be numbered from Table of content       till References page
    • The font should be only times new roman or Calibri with       12 size
    • Sentences should be properly aligned with ZERO       spelling and grammar errors

Important information:

This project guideline is very clear and well explained. I highly advice to all students to read this document very carefully and follow the steps I have mentioned in this document to conduct a successful project. Your hardwork and effort will always be appreciated and graded. No Drafts will be reviewed

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