Dissertation | Information Systems homework help


write on cloud computing topic for about 500 words,and and what Research Methodology: ?? and qualitative or quatitative Qualitative research course: ??? and Population to Address:?? and Theoretical background:???


 Can we add a little more to the title to help the reader understand what the research is about? Such as “Privacy and Security Concerns with data sharing in Multi-Tenant Clouds“. This is only an example but what ideas can you come up with?

The intent of this study is to explore the multi tenacy technique used within IT organizations to ……….. (could you finish this statement? I would like to see what you would say).

Give me your problem statement in no more than 2 sentences.

You stated your population is IT organizations, what would you measure to get the answer to your problem statement (This is called variables)
With a Quantitative method, do you plan to survey IT organizations? Just checking

What is your Theory with references? 

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