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First, read Susan Glaspell’s Trifles (PLEASE SEE THE LINK BELOW FOR THIS). Then, re-read the ATTACHED specific passage from the play. Based on this specific passage, make and defend a specific claim about how this specific passage reflects and/or ​responds to its cultural or historical surroundings. You can show how the details of the following passage celebrate a culture, challenge a history, make us reimagine a cultural understanding, or simply reflect the cultural norms of its time period (Hint: Think about the historical background and gender dynamics at the time the play was written). The author was writing during a particular time from a particular culture. How does that show up in the writing, and what was the author attempting to say about that culture or history?

HERE IS THE LINK FOR Trifles: https://www.one-act-plays.com/dramas/trifles.html

In your argument:

  1. Give a brief description of the cultural and/or historical context (PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED HISTORICAL CONTEXTUAL APPROACH)
  2. Make a clear, interpretative claim about how the reading reflects and/or responds to its cultural or historical surroundings
  3. Support your claim with evidence from the text and analysis of that evidence
  4. In your analysis, explain how at least two literary elements add to this argument: an image or set of images, the author’s tone, style, diction, or any other literary element that shows how the style of the piece adds to the argument as much as the content. 

Your response should have a clear organizational structure and use MLA citation rules wherever applicable. 

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