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Creating ethical and effective information security policies can be a very challenging and time-consuming task in organizations.

  • Describe three reasons why organizations might not prioritize ethical concerns when creating policies. Choose the factor that you believe is most challenging for an organization to overcome and provide your rationale.
  • Determine what you believe are best practices for establishing an ethical and effective policy development process. Explain why you have taken this position. 


Many companies have policies and procedures for employees to abide by, as they are part of the company handbook. Some of the policies they have are Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics that some organizations have employees sign as part of their employment. When implementing these policies, there could be some challenges when implementing an effective ethics policy. Some challenges could be resistance for employees, the cost or the payment related to training, and the capacity to regulate the ROI (return on investment) of the ethics policy(1).  Choosing which factor is the most challenging for an organization is the resistance from employees. Some employees are unwilling to adapt to change or may feel the information for implementing the change is not being communicated clearly or not at all. So, therefore, communication is the key.

The best way to establish an ethical and practical policy process is for the organization to implement proper training and reinforcement. Also, everyone would be held accountable because when the policies and procedures are no way carried out correctly, this can be a cause for disciplinary actions.

Theresa Webb,

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