Cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism | History homework help

 This week we will look at the difference between cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism.   Just as we identified the difficulties involved in defining terrorism, this week we will see the difficulties in distinguishing between these two concepts.   Read over the “Cyberwarfare and Cyberterrorism: In Brief” resource first and let’s try to define those terms.   Then share some thoughts on whether or not you believe the actions of Bush and Obama were considered cyberwarfare or cyberterrorism.   Were their actions justified?  Why or why not?    What about the actions of the NSA according to the two articles focused on its targeting of American citizens’ phone calls?   Was Snowden justified in his actions?   Why or why not?   Do the laws covered in our readings this week support the actions we’re reading about this week?  Finally, has anything changed in more recent years?   Before addressing recent years, be sure you cover what happened earlier.   Don’t cover all these questions in your initial post.   Cover one or two and let others weigh in.

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