Clark civility index for students*


Functioning well on a team means that you treat one another with civility. Civility means behaving like a good citizen would, with courtesy and politeness. There is mounting evidence in the research literature that incivility and disruptive behavior lead to much harm for our patients, and higher costs through lost business and lost employees. Your team discussion boards are a place to practice civility, even in the face of disagreements. Dr. Cynthia Clark has developed this Civility Index for Students. This week I want you to assess your own civility. Later in the semester you will assess the civility of your team.


Download the attached PDF File. You may need to print it and scan it back in when you are finished. You may also upload a photo of your completed Civility Index. Respond to the questions honestly. Be sure to take time to thoughtfully complete the reflection questions at the end.

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