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Select 1-Case Study below and write scholarly with citations/references included.

· Option 1: Recognize how placement of lighting, common public areas, and natural pathways can deter crime. Research how Tacoma, WA used the concepts of CPTED (discussed in more detail in 10.3) to build a sense of community using lighting, natural access control and natural surveillance. Determine if these factors could work in your area. 


· Option 2: Recognize how feelings of ownership of common areas can lead to a sense of responsibility and care. Using the example of Five Oaks in Dayton, Ohio, research how to initiate and present a plan to build defensible space into a mini-neighborhood. 


· Option 3: Recognize strategies for cooperation between citizens, law enforcement, and area planners to develop territorial and personal defense systems. Research how the CPTED strategies used in Prince William County, VA could be integrated into physical design plans in your area. Use information found at:. 


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