Case study 4 | Accounting homework help


Review:   Delwadi, M. & Raddock, A. (2012, March/April). Trusting assistants with access embezzlement investigation case study. Fraud Magazine. Retrieved from


Based on your readings, literature, and/or the Fraud Examiners Manual analyze the case and include the following in your discussion: Using the *KU library/Westlaw find a court case with similar facts to the assigned case and you will be comparing and contrasting the schemes.  What type of fraud schemes took place in these cases? What red flags do you think were apparent in these cases and do you feel they were acted upon timely? What do you think the internal auditors should have done to prevent and/or detect these fraud schemes?


3-5 pages (not including title page, abstract, or reference page) in proper APA format with a minimum of 3 scholarly sources (not including the textbook)

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