Article critique | MHA 5001 – Health Care Financial Management | Columbia Southern University

Conduct a search using the CSU Online Library, and locate an article that focuses on a current challenge or challenges in healthcare finance. The article you choose should be at least three pages in length and cover topics from the required readings in this unit.

After reviewing the article, analyze the information, and recommend any changes to help organizations overcome challenges mentioned in the article regarding healthcare finance.

Your article critique should include the following items:

An introduction, a summary of the main points, your analysis, current challenges presented with healthcare reform, obstacles faced by healthcare organizations in healthcare finance, challenges that organizations face in establishing organizational goals, recommendations for overcoming challenges, and a conclusion.

Your article critique must be at least two pages long and use correct APA formatting. Be sure to include a separate title page and reference page. You must cite and reference the article you critiqued, your textbook, and any other sources used. If you would like additional information on article critiques, review the  Article Critiques webinar.

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